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Be Aware of some our competition enticing
customer  with BAIT & SWITCH  scams.
They advertise cheaper prices usually bellow  their own
cost, just to get YOU to their place.
Once you get there, you will realize 2 things:
1-  They don't have the merchandise they advertised
2- if they do, it would be either:
Used, Returned, Refurbished, or Damaged"
No warranty whatsoever!
We have heard countless stories from customers who have
been scammed in the past by such companies, don't fall
prey to theirs sleazy tactics.
We are FresnoMattress.com, located in NW  Fresno.
Therefore, we
have NO affiliations with:
Fresno mattress factory or Fresno mattress
We are
100% independent business from
those 2 businesses mentioned above
Thank You