The plant that manufactures our mattresses
located in the city of Fresno, CA, and has been
in business since 1998.
Thousands of these mattresses
have been sold into the Fresno community

Research are always ongoing. Therefore, the
manufacturing process of our mattresses are always being
improved, as well as the quality of materials, ensuring that
you will always have the
best quality mattress" available at a "great price."

These Mattresses are now being offered
to All at "
by®, Since 2008

We Open 7 Days a Week
For sales, please
"Call us First"
to get directions to the Warehouse

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About Us
Located in Fresno, CA 93722 - (559) 275-1177
Be Aware of some our competition enticing customers
with BAIT & SWITCH  scams.
They advertise cheaper prices, usually below their own cost,
just to get YOU to their place. Once you get there,
you will
realize 2 things:
1-  They don't have the merchandise they advertised
2- if they do,
it would be either:
Used, Returned, Refurbished, or Damaged"
No Warranty whatsoever!
We have heard countless stories from customers who have
prey to theirs sleazy tactics.
Note to Our Customers
We are located in NW Fresno
we have no affiliation with
fresno mattress factory or fresno mattress
We are 100% independent business from those 2
businesses mentioned above
Thank You